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Good Practices: Tribal in India (Education & Health)

  • Published
    18th Jul, 2022

The tribal communities of India are deep-rooted in nature, and indigenous livelihoods and are mostly confined to their own people. From time to time the tribals have faced displacement and deprivation to facilitate various development projects. It is imperative that the policymakers continue to safeguard tribal rights to ensure society's inclusive development. For this purpose, the Indian government has started various initiatives for the tribal communities spread all across India. 

The 'Good Practices' initiative of GS SCORE compiles the steps taken by the Indian government specifically for the education and health progress of tribes in India and to make them an essential part of the developmental process. Each initiative has been analyzed in a comprehensive manner with multidimensional viewpoints and suggests a way forward to improve the status of the initiative even further. The document is significant from the point of view of UPSC's main examination as questions could be asked directly or indirectly from the government initiatives towards tribes. In addition to that this document can be of great help in providing data and examples while writing answers for Mains.

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