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Good Practices: Water Management

  • Published
    2nd Apr, 2022

Increasing urbanization and changing climatic trends exert immense pressure on water resources. In a country where 51% of rural households do not have access to individual piped water and about a billion people live with water scarcity for at least one part of the year, water management plays an undisputedly critical role. In addition to this, water—being a multifaceted resource and supplied by various sources for different purposes—needs to be managed at different levels of consumption by different stakeholders. Several individuals, organizations and government departments have come up with successful water management solutions. Giving due importance to such innovations and successful practices on the field, NITI Aayog, as a yearly exercise, collects and lists down some water conservation and management practices that can be replicated in other regions. 

The GS SCORE's 'Good Practices - Water Management'  list out some of outstanding water management practices on the following themes: agriculture; groundwater management; watershed development; water infrastructure; and climate risk and resilience.  This will be helpful for aspirants in prelims as well as in writing good mains answers.

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