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Human & Economic Geography Notes for UPSC Prelims

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Human and Economic Geography is part of the geography syllabus which is not only important in Mains but also in UPSC Prelims Examination. The topics of Human and Economic Geography can be studied and questions related to them can be answered easily therefore attempt should be made to cover these topics in length. For this purpose, the present book has been written to deal with both the conceptual and factual parts of the subject. We have also assimilated the Previous Year Questions in the book in order to keep the preparation as per the UPSC framework.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the book is that it covers a wide canvas of Human and Economic Geography. The text of the book has been written in a lucid, cogent, and convincing style, document with interesting data, diagrams, and illustrations with apt and appropriate examples. The Human and Economic Geography book covers all important and relevant facts and material required to be studied by aspirants in a single booklet. This helps to ease their preparation and provides consolidated and complete UPSC Prelims notes in one place.

The Human and Economic Geography Prelims Study Material includes in detail about the topics related to:

  1. Human Geography Of World
  2. Indian Demography
  3. Migration
  4. Human Settlement
  5. Human Resource & Development
  6. Glossary Of Demographic Terms
  7. Branches of Economic Geography
  8. Water Resources
  9. Forest Resources
  10. Biotic Resources
  11. Mineral Resources
  12. Energy Resources
  13. Marine Resources
  14. World Agriculture
  15. India: Land Resources and Agriculture
  16. Industrial Regions of the World
  17. Trade Pattern and Transport

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