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Indian Economy Notes for UPSC Mains

Indian Economy Notes for UPSC Mains
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Indian Economy Notes for UPSC Mains

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There are two volumes of related to issues pertaining to the Indian economy. We bring you an exhaustive text for studying and understanding the world’s third-largest economy made comprehensively and in a lucid manner. Special attention has also been paid to discuss the latest developments, policies and problems related to the Indian economy in a very coherent and easily understandable language

Volume 1

Part 1: Basics of Indian Economy

  1. Basic concepts of Economy
  2. Evolution of Indian Economy
  3. Planning and role of institutions in Indian economy
  4. Economic growth and development
  5. LPG, effects of Liberalization on the economy
  6. Mobilization of resources

Part 2: Money, Banking and Finance

  1. Inflation
  2. Monetary policy
  3. Banking
  4. Financial markets

Part 3: Public finance

  1. Fiscal policy
  2. Government Budgeting
  3. Taxation
  4. Subsidies

Volume 2

Part 4: Agriculture and Food management

  1. Indian agriculture: An introduction
  2. Cropping patterns
  3. Different types of irrigation and irrigation systems
  4. Storage of agricultural produce
  5. Transport of agricultural produce
  6. Marketing of agricultural produce
  7. E-technology in the aid of farmers
  8. Farm subsidies
  9. Agricultural price policy
  10. Public distribution system
  11. Buffer stock
  12. Food security
  13. Technology Missions
  14. Economics of Animal rearing
  15. Food processing sector
  16. Land reforms
  17. Resource management in agriculture


  1. Industries
  2. Manufacturing sector in India
  3. Service sector
  4. Special Economic Zones
  5. Investment Models
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Unemployment
  8. Labour

Part 5: Foreign Trade and foreign capital

  1. International Trade
  2. Balance of Payment
  3. Foreign capital
  4. International monetary fund
  5. World bank
  6. World trade organization
  7. Globalisation
  8. Deglobalisation

Part 6: Human development and Inclusive growth

  1. Human development
  2. Poverty
  3. Hunger
  4. Inequality
  5. Inclusive growth and sustainable development

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