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UPSC Mains Study Material + Workbook

UPSC Mains Study Material + Workbook
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UPSC Mains Study Material + Workbook

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UPSC mains examination requires candidates to comprehensively cover the syllabus given by UPSC and also develop the ability to write answers in a lucid manner. It is important that a candidate focuses on both these aspects, to be able to score well in the examination. To help you with this GS SCORE brings to you a complete package comprising of UPSC mains material and Workbook.

The package also included contemporary issues for UPSC examination that will keep you abreast of all the happenings in various subjects. It is aimed to give you an analytical understanding and a very wide approach towards contemporary issues around us.

The package consists a total of 34 Books & 11 PDFs:

UPSC Mains Material

Total 18 Books for GS mains paper 1, 2, 3 & 4

  1. Indian Society Details & Sample PDF
  2. Modern History Details & Sample PDF
  3. World History Details & Sample PDF
  4. Art & Culture Details & Sample PDF
  5. PIC Details & Sample PDF
  6. Physical Geography (World & India) Details & Sample PDF
  7. Economic & Human Geography Details & Sample PDF
  8. Indian Polity (Volume 1) Details & Sample PDF
  9. Indian Polity (Volume 2) Details & Sample PDF
  10. International Relations Details & Sample PDF
  11. Governance Details & Sample PDF
  12. Indian Economy (Volume 1) Details & Sample PDF
  13. Indian Economy (Volume 2) Details & Sample PDF
  14. Internal Security Details & Sample PDF
  15. Science & Technology Details & Sample PDF
  16. Disaster Management Details & Sample PDF
  17. Environment Details & Sample PDF
  18. Ethics Details & Sample PDF

Total 11 PDFs for Contemporary Issues

  1. Environment
  2. Society
  3. Economy
  4. Polity and governance
  5. Geography
  6. IR
  7. Science and Technology
  8. Disaster management
  9. Internal Security
  10. Art and culture
  11. Ethics

UPSC Mains workbook

Each of the GS SCORE Workbooks consists of following features

  • Subject wise Preparation Approach
  • Subject wise Micro Detailing of UPSC syllabus
  • Practice sets and model hints to promote mains answer writing skills
  • Previous year questions and solutions

Total 16 Booklets for Answer Writing Workbook

Paper 1


Paper 3

Paper-4 Details & Sample PDF

  • Ethics & Integrity Section A
  • Ethics & Integrity Case study

Essay Workbook with following features Details & Sample PDF

  • The art and craft of writing an essay
  • Brainstorming approach
  • Different parts of Essay
  • Practice sets with model hints
  • Self-assessment

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