Amritpal Kaur, IAS Rank 44: Ethics, Essay and Optional are Game Changer, IAS Toppers Strategy

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What’s my motivation behind becoming a Civil Servant?

  • My motivation came through the preparation itself. I felt how to use my learning capacities for the betterment of the unfortunate ones in the society. It pushed my through the entire process.
  • Also, the beauty of this exam is that it helps you evolve you as a better person who is more sensitive, more responsible and who looks forwards to do something good for the society.

How did I organize my studies?

  • First step is the UPSC Syllabus. Syllabus is the guiding light and it was always there on my study table to push my preparation in the right direction.
  • Also Previous Year Questions are very helpful. Many times Themes of Questions get repeated in Optional Subject Papers. So, I made notes on those topics.

How did I make study notes?

  • I divided the syllabus into Topics and organized it into different folders. It helped in REVISION. Specifically, it helps a lot in OPTIONAL Subject.

How important is Answer Writing?

  • Answer Writing is very important because it helps in getting better marks in MAINS and a good Rank in the final list. I made a habit of practicing one question every day.
  • I learnt the Art of Answer Writing by understanding the demand of questions. It will give you edge in marks.
  • I regularly collected FACTS from News Paper and revised them.
  • I referred Government reports like NITI AAYOG three year Action Agenda, Eco Survey, International Indexes and used them in writing Answers.
  • I have also included Flow CHARTs and Maps of INDIA in Answers.
  • To view my answer copies please click on the

What was my approach for GS Paper 2 and GS Paper 3?

  • I did Current Affairs based study for GS Paper 2 and Paper 3 and
  • For Paper 1 – I referred only standard books.

Why TEST SERIES is important for Prelims as well as Mains?

  • It helped in judging my level of preparation.
  • I revised the paper after attempting the Tests(Prelims as well as Mains)
  • I regularly analyzedmy nature of Mistakes:
    • Silly Mistakes
    • Knowledge Gap
  • Further I used to revise and reattempt the tests to correct my mistakes.

GS SCORE extend heartiest congratulations to Srushti on her great achievement and are gratified to have been a part of her journey to success.


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