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IAS Toppers Story: Khushpreet Kaur, Rank-352 CSE 2019 – Breaking several myths

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    CSE 2019
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    20th Aug, 2020

In UPSC, every topper has a story and that story is unique, interesting and inspiring in its own sense. We have found that every ranker qualifies UPSC with some source of motivation. Motivation of Khuspreet Kaur- AIR 352 of UPSC 2019, is itself a source of motivation.

Khushpreet is from Bhatinda, Punjab and has competed her schooling from Punjab itself. After that she completed graduation from Guru Nanak College, Sunam, Punjab in 2012. Right after her college, she started preparing for Bank PO and got selected in SBI. She worked in SBI for two years and then took Punjab PCS as her next challenge. Holding a successful past track record, Khushpreet cracked Punjab PCS too in 2015 and joined it.

We learned that source of motivation behind her continuous success is the “zeal to prove herself”. She always wanted to break the well established cannons of patriarchy of Indian society. This motivation has been a continuous source of inspiration for her and hence Khuspreet accepted the next challenge of cracking Civil Services Examination, one of the most toughest examinations of our country.

But like every Ranker, she found UPSC the hardest nut to crack. She couldn’t clear the first barrier of Exam i.e Prelims in her first two attempts. It is said that some happenings of human life always go on. And Khuspreet was no exception. She got married in 2017 and she accepted it as part of her destiny and left the dream of UPSC.

However, after sometime, Khuspreet understood the law of nature which is nothing but a series of waves with crests and throughs. She geared up once again for UPSC and started a sincere preparation in 2019. But now she had to manage the preparation along with her hectic job schedule. She maintained discipline and perfect time management and cracked UPSC with AIR- 352.

In her interaction with the team of GS SCORE, she suggested following strategies:-

A. Attempting reasonable number of Prelims tests boosts your MCQ solving skills. It helps in development of elimination skills while solving objective questions.

B. Irrespective of various factors in rumour theory, we should choose the optional in which we have deep interest. Genuine and deep interest in any subject take care of all other revolving factors.

C. Toppers copies available on various platforms can be a best material to get the idea and overview of any subject. For example, if you want to analyse the contour of Ethics then just download few copies and read the copies with fresh mind. This will give you a good overview of the subject.

D. Working professionals can manage UPSC along with their job by efficient and effective time management. They can devote part time during working days and exclusive full time during weekends. Apart from this, they can explore full month leave just before the actual exam.

E. Writing practice skill should be developed in little advance. With attempt of good number of Tests, we can minimise chances of bad attempts.

We are proud that Khushpreet Kaur has chosen GS SCORE in the journey of IAS preparation. GS SCORE has continued the legacy of producing IAS TOPPERS every year.

GS SCORE ( iasscore.in) is a teaching platform for Civil Services Examination, both in classroom and online. Learning in GS SCORE is driven by two predominant objectives- excellence and empowerment. For us, excellence is a drive to challenge yourself to be better. Empowerment for us does not mean only stuffing your mind with facts and information but to ignite your mind for imagination and creativity to respond to all kinds of challenges with wisdom and confidence.

For Full Interview of Khuspreet Kaur- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1cXR7baYXo

Download Copy of 400 plus Toppers- https://iasscore.in/toppers-copy


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