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IAS Toppers Story: Rahul Reddy, Rank-117 CSE 2019 – Learning from the Mistakes

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    CSE 2019
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    22nd Aug, 2020

Success in 6th Attempt- Learning from the Mistakes.

UPSC has declared its result and this time there are many rankers who have cracked UPSC in first attempt. It’s really a spark when a young person in first attempt cracks the exam which is considered as most toughest exam of the country.

But amid this euphoria, there are many stories of struggles. Though everyone struggles and fights for UPSC but there are some rankers whose stories remind us of two timeless wisdom of life i.e Patience and Perseverance.

Story of Rahul Reddy, Rank 117 has so many learning experiences and lessons for us. He makes us believe that mistakes at times are not only mistakes but biggest teachers of life.

Rahul belongs to Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh. He passed Class 10th from Vidhyamandir High School, Kadapa in 2006 with 93.4 percent marks. He passed Class 12th from Narayan Junior College, Tirupati in 2008 with 96.6 percentage of Marks. Thereafter, Rahul completed B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunications from Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering, Tirupati.

Rahul says that he started preparing for UPSC right after his engineering. Being from a remarkable academic background, he was confident enough to crack UPSC but destiny had written a different story. He got success after a long struggle of eight year. Someone righty said that at the end of day the world only sees your success not your struggle or pain.

We found struggle of Rahul as extremely thought provoking and inspiring. We can sum up his strategies as follows:-

A. Selection of optional should be a very cautious decision. Miscalculation in selection of optional can be very costly at later stage. It might distract you with sense of guilt. Hence gauge your genuine interest in selecting any optional.

B. Self and inner motivation is the best source of motivation. Since UPSC is a long and tiring journey and so some source of motivation must be there to keep your momentum upto the mark.

C. Environment plays an important role in keeping pace with the time. We should avoid negative and gloomy environment. Charged positive environment with sincere fellow aspirants keep us upto the mark of race and competition.

D. Though UPSC demands very high level of dedication but complete social cut off from the society is not at all needed. We just need to keep our priorities in right track. Balanced life rather than exclusive life style is needed. Stress buster exercises like meditation, morning walks, socialisation etc should become part of life.

E. Attempts are limited in UPSC and hence it should be used very wisely. Insincere attempts not only exhausts our stock but it also demoralises us.

F. There is a limit of knowledge in UPSC. Every aspirant gains knowledge from standard sources of UPSC and so significant part of our labour should be on the reproduction part of covered materials. Since ultimately we have to reproduce what we have read and so it should be taken very seriously from the Day first.

G. There is no hard and fast rule of starting day of answer writing. It depends on aspirant to aspirant. Some may start from the day 1st and some may start after six months. But in every case, answer writing practice should start only when you have covered enough and sufficient content of Mains.

H. Syllabus and past years papers should be the preparation compass for every student. Directionless and orientation less preparation can make you pay heavy price. Since we have limited time and so time should be utilised and exhausted in very smart way.

I. Time management is a grey area of most of the aspirants. To defeat this, aspirants should attempt decent number of mains papers. Answer framing in the mind can be a good idea especially for the freshers.

We are proud that Rahul Reddy has chosen GS SCORE in the journey of IAS preparation. GS SCORE has continued the legacy of producing IAS TOPPERS every year.

GS SCORE ( iasscore.in) is a teaching platform for Civil Services Examination, both in classroom and online. Learning in GS SCORE is driven by two predominant objectives- excellence and empowerment. For us, excellence is a drive to challenge yourself to be better. Empowerment for us does not mean only stuffing your mind with facts and information but to ignite your mind for imagination and creativity to respond to all kinds of challenges with wisdom and confidence.

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