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Understanding the Essence of UPSC's Personality Test

Beyond the realms of traditional examinations, this interview is a multifaceted exploration of a candidate's suitability for the responsibilities that come with serving the public. It encompasses a dynamic discussion covering a spectrum of general interest topics, guided by a purpose far more nuanced than a mere evaluation of

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10 Expectations of UPSC in Interview

The UPSC expects certain qualities and attributes from candidates during the interview, also known as the Personality Test. Here are some key expectations:

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INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERIES: Science & Technology Questionnaire

Science and Technology is a section that holds immense potential for IAS exam preparation. India has made rapid strides in the field of Science and Technology in recent years. Because of this fact questions from Science and Technology field often arise during UPSC IAS Interview. The questions often emerge from space science, biotechnology, nuclear technology and various schemes and plans related to science and technology. A UPSC aspirant should keep a bird eye view on these events and issues while preparing for UPSC interview. For the sake of convenience GS Score has brought a compilation of Science and Technology related questions that could be beneficial for students appearing in interview.

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INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERIES: Polity and Governance Questionnaire

Polity and Governance form an important segment in UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation. The UPSC IAS Interview is no exception to it. There are various new initiatives and schemes floated by Indian Government this year. Apart from this several bills and acts have remained in controversy that boiled the nation. The several judgements by Supreme Courts have also catalyzed the politics of the nation. A UPSC aspirant should keep a close vigil on these events and issues while prepaing for UPSC IAS Interview. For the sake of convenience GS Score has brought a compilation of these questions that could be helpful for students appearing in UPSC interview.

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INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERIES: Geography & Environment Questionnaire

In the past few years, Nature related catastrophes and disasters such as floods, droughts, landslides, and cyclones have battered the entire world. India is among those countries where natural disasters is a more frequent phenomenon. Seeing this the importance of questions related to Geography increases significantly. So aspirants appearing in the UPSC IAS Interview should remain prepared regarding this. GS Score has prepared a compilation of the most probable questions related to Geography  that could help all aspirants to ace IAS Interview.

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Civil services ‘personality test’, also commonly known as ‘interview’ is the final and most crucial phase of Civil Services Exam. Economy-related questions are most often asked during the interview and amid the current scenario when the entire world is facing the economic crisis due to covid restrictions the probability of this kind of questions increase manifold. GS Score has prepared a compilation of the most probable questions related to the economy that could give an edge to all aspirants in UPSC Interview.

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Questions asked in UPSC IAS Interview could be from educational background, your native state and your job profile or the events and activities taking place in your surroundings. In the prevailing situation the entire world is facing the ire of corona virus so there is maximum possibility of questions in UPSC IAS interview from this field. The questionnaire on Covid prepared by GS Score will certainly help you to tackle questions from this area.

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Probable Questions and How to Tackle Them By S. B. Singh

Any interview, more so an UPSC IAS Interview, is mainly about questions being raised by board members and answers being offered by the candidates. Thus, anticipating questions and formulating their answers is an important part of the interview preparation.

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Qualities to be assessed during the UPSC Interview

Many Interview sessions follow a well-structured pattern, but UPSC IAS Interview is an exception to this. Far from being conducted under a structured format, it is an exercise in which an engaging conversation takes place between the board and the candidate. Thus, contrary to the popular perception of UPSC IAS Interview being a question-answer session, it is much more than that.....

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Civil services ‘personality test, also popularly known as ‘interview’ is the final phase in the three stages of UPSC examination and is the most important of all, as the marks in the UPSC interview decide the service of your choice. Interview is the least prepared of all, but if rightly managed it can be a most rewarding experience. 

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How To Handle Your DAF in Civil Services Interview

DAF provides first-hand knowledge about you to the members of the interview board. You have to own everything that you have written as the description of yourself- your place of birth, place of residence, place and company where you work/worked, your education, specializations, achievements, hobbies, preferences of services and states, choice of optional paper, etc. along with some details about your

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