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Boosting secondary agriculture

  • Published
    31st Aug, 2023


As per a recent survey conducted by a NGO named ‘SRIJAN’ on rural development and employment, indicates that facilitating rural industrialisation is essential to connect farm and off-farm activities, creating numerous opportunities for non-farm employment.

Need to focus on Transformation

  • Value Addition's Role: Transforming agricultural products enhances appeal, generates multiplier effect, and reduces poverty through increased wages.
  • India's Untapped Potential: Despite being a major producer, India processes less than 10% of agricultural goods. Growing demand offers value addition opportunities.
  • Doubling Farmers' Income Strategy: Secondary agriculture aligns with this strategy, fosters rural economic growth, and utilizes local resources for value addition.

Highlights of the survey:

  • Secondary Agriculture Categories: Report outlines Types A, B, and C for value addition, alternative enterprises, and crop residues utilization.
  • With Government Initiatives: Karnataka establishes Directorate of Secondary Agriculture to boost income, aligning with doubling farmers’ income goal.
  • Promoting Tribal Empowerment: NGO SRIJAN empowers Madhya Pradesh's Sahariya tribes with secondary agriculture, enhancing value chains and livelihoods.

Way forward

  • SRIJAN's Success: Study by NGO SRIJAN aids tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh, raising income by linking to markets and improving techniques.
  • Strengthening Secondary Agriculture: Prioritize studies, credit, partnerships, rural industrialization, training, and central coordination for effective growth.
  • Integrated Approach: Embed secondary agriculture in educational curricula to ensure skilled workforce for managing both primary and secondary sectors.
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