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24th August 2022 (6 Topics)

24th August 2022

QUIZ - 24th August 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q1. Examine the potential impact of port activities on each facet of the environment and possible measures against potential adverse effects. (150 words)


  • Introduction-port activity 
  • Discuss potential impacts on-
    • environment
    • water quality
    • coastal hydrology
  • Challenges/Issues
  • Required measures 
  • Sum up



PM has recently announced the earlier deployment of the 5G network in India, than the expected date. The 5G roll-out poses significant implications for law enforcement in India.

Adapting to Technology and Ensuring Security:

  • Loaded with features 5G rollout is going to change the way policing is done so far. A low latency network coupled with higher bandwidth is going to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security by helping the police access critical information in real-time and nab criminals.
  • With 5G, the police can remotely access and analyze crime data and information from other infrastructure such as traffic lights. Its adoption would ensure peak performance of police devices such as body cams, facial recognition technology, automatic number-plate recognition, drones, and CCTVs.
  • Along comes the challenges in adopting 5G. It is a prerequisite for law enforcement agencies to put in place the necessary infrastructure to take full advantage of 5G potential. An outdated police system will require an overhaul and it will be requiring funds.
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