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6th August 2022 (7 Topics)

6th August 2022

QUIZ - 6th August 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q1. “If India does not radically change course in terms of energy sources, there will be dire climate change induced consequences.”  However, India, a major economy where a large portion of the infrastructure needed for the future is yet to be built, is critical in this equation. Examine (250 words)


  • Introduction-brief about India and degrading climate 
  • India’s climate targets
    • 50% of India’s electricity generation from non-renewables
    • Net-zero emissions by 2070
    • Paris Target
  • Challenges/Issues for India 
    • Increasing population
    • Climate change
    • India’s increasing energy demand and emissions
  • List down some important action plan(Clean Air Mission, National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, National Solar Mission, the Indian Cooling Action Plan)
  • Required measures 
    • Reducing air pollution
    • Ramping Up Electric Mobility
    • Building an Energy Efficient Economy
    • Growing Clean Energy Jobs in Rural India
  • Sum up your answer with way forward



Despite the rapid advancement of the digital platform, local vendors/small businesses are finding it difficult to integrate with the platform-centric e-commerce system which is resulting in centralising tendency of digital commerce transactions.

Reasons for a radical transformation in India’s consumer behaviour:

  • Increased sphere: Affordable data plans, penetration of smartphones, increased has catalysed the online revolution in the country.
  • Pandemic induced demand: The novel coronavirus pandemic has also added to a great extent in changing the behaviour of Indian consumers.
  • Easy availability: From groceries to online medical consultations and even to resolving disputes online- all of this has become a reality now.

The problem faced by small businesses:

  • The local store/enterprises are still confined to a digital vacuum, owing to the additional cost to register their presence on numerous platforms.
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