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15th October 2022 (8 Topics)

Do not ignore the role of the woman livestock farmer


The role of women's labor is important in all facets of livestock development and also in the livestock economy.

Issues with data collection:

  • Lack of reliable data: Labour Survey fails to accurately record the data of women’s work in livestock-raising because of short spells of work and work often done within the homestead.
  • Women’s pattern of work: Due to distributed tasks like milking cow; washing shed; feeding animals, etc., the woman herself may not report “livestock rearing” as economic activity.
  • Augmented participation work: It is an estimate where women report themselves as “engaged in domestic duty” and also spending time on activities, e.g.: household dairy/poultry, husking, etc.

An underestimation and Policies:

  • Data Discrepancy: The employment and Unemployment Survey of 2011-2012, says that ~12 million rural women are engaged in livestock raising but the augmented estimate makes it ~49 million.
  • National Livestock Policy (NLP) of 2013: It rightly states that around 70% of the labor for the livestock sector comes from women. One of the goals of this policy is the empowerment of women.
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