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28th April 2022 (8 Topics)

Energy independence through hydrogen

India’s Green Hydrogen Policy released on February 17, 2022 has addressed several critical challenges such as open access, waiver of interstate transmission charges, banking, time­bound clearances, etc., and is expected to further boost India’s energy transition.

India’s Energy Consumption

  • Present Scenarios- India’s per capita energy consumption is about one­third of the global average and one­twelfth of the U.S.
  • Future prospects- Increasing growth and economic prosperity would significantly increase India’s energy appetite furthering import dependence.
  • Global Volatility-The Russia­Ukraine crisis and the roller­coaster ride of energy prices from historic lows in 2020 to record highs in 2021, could pose a serious threat to our energy security, accentuating an unequivocal need to strive for energy independence.
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