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3rd January 2024 (10 Topics)

Faulty compulsion: On the issue of MGNREGS and Aadhaar seeding


Issues with Aadhaarseeding are a challenge for MGNREGS beneficiaries.

Deadline Refusal and Mandatory ABPS

  • Government Stance: ABPS ensures quick payments and prevents leaks, relying on Aadhaar's widespread use.
  • Impact on Job Card Holders: 35% reliant on ABPS, affecting 12.7% active workers, potentially hampering scheme accessibility.
  • Implementation Issues: Technical reliance causes errors, with 7.6 crore workers' names deleted due to Aadhaarjob card discrepancies.

Issues with AadhaarBased Payments

  • Payment Failures: Errors in spelling, wrong Aadhaarbank account mapping lead to payment failures.
  • Delayed Wage Payments: Government claims on reduced delays debunked, citing fund insufficiency as a primary cause.
  • Consequences of Mandatory ABPS: Further complications likely without rectifying Aadhaar seeding and mapping flaws.

Revisiting Mandatory ABPS Decision

  • Government's Consideration: Possible exemptions on technical grounds, advocating social audits before imposing ABPS.
  • Recommendation: Ministry should correct faulty seeding and mapping issues prior to enforcing ABPS.
  • Scheme Vitality: Stress on maintaining MGNREGS's demand driven nature, independent of flawed technological reliance.
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