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17th February 2022 (6 Topics)

First Coordinator For National Maritime Security Appointed, to Report to NSA


FORMER VICE Chief of Navy Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar has been appointed as the country’s first National Maritime Security Coordinator (NMSC).


About the National Maritime Security Coordinator (NMSC):

  • NMSC will act as an interface between the civilian and military maritime domain to enhance security architecture and energy security in India.
  • It will break the silos and cut across the turf of Navy, Coast Guard, State Maritime Boards to enhance maritime domain awareness and ensure a better response.
  • The Maritime Security Coordinator will work under Indian National Security Advisorand be the principal advisor to the government on the maritime security domain.
  • The appointment of NMSC fills the need of the hour as the Navy, Coast Guard and state maritime boards all tend to work in silos with overlapping jurisdictions and are constantly at odds with each other.
  • Agenda:The Chinese forays into the Indian Ocean via Pakistan and Myanmar will be on top of the NMSC agenda.

Significance of the NMSC:

  • 70 per cent of Indian trade including vital crude oil is transported through sea and the protection of sea shipping lanes is vital to India’s security.
  • With China moving towards a sea-based security doctrine and penetrating the Indian Ocean through Pakistan and Myanmar, the post of NMSC will be vital for maritime and energy security as Beijing plans to reach the eastern seaboard of Africa through the Indian maritime domain.
  • The creation of NMSC is part of enhancing maritime capability through Act East Policy, SAGAR (Security and Growth of All in the Region), Deep Ocean Mission and the Sagarmala projectto make India’s 12 major ports into the world-class standard.

SAGAR (Security and Growth of All in the Region)

  • It is India's policy or doctrine of maritime cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.
  • India unveiled its strategic vision for the Indian Ocean i.e. Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR), in 2015.

Deep Ocean Mission

  • Deep Ocean mission is an Indian initiative to undertake deep ocean exploration focused on India's exclusive economic zones and continental shelf. 

Sagarmala project

  • The Sagarmala Programme is an initiative by the government of India to enhance the performance of the country's logistics sector.
  • The programme envisages unlocking the potential of waterways and the coastline to minimize infrastructural investments required to meet these targets.
  • The project was launched in 2015.

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