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7th November 2023 (8 Topics)

From Predator to Prey


The detrimental effects of social media particularly on mental health need a legal action and regulations.

Social Media's Impact on Mental Health

  • Historical Warnings: Events like Cambridge Analytica and "The Social Dilemma" highlighted social media's manipulation of human behavior.
  • Meta's Role: Meta (formerly Facebook) faced backlash after whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed how Instagram negatively affected teen girls' body image.
  • Legal Action in the US: Forty-two Attorney Generals sue Meta, alleging it actively contributes to youth mental health crisis via addictive platforms.

The Problem Lies in the Business Model

  • Shift in Purpose: Social networks evolved into social media, driven by profit from user data and engagement.
  • Influence on User Behavior: Algorithms exploit dopamine responses, fostering addiction and prioritizing profit over well-being.
  • Potential Consequences for Meta: Lawsuit could lead to substantial penalties, challenging Meta's business model and global regulatory scrutiny.

The Need for Accountability and Change

  • Global Impact: UK, EU, and India consider regulatory action against social media giants, emphasizing accountability for content hosting.
  • Meta's Response: Defends actions taken to support teen users, suggests productive collaboration over confrontational approach.
  • Potential Shift to Subscription Model: Considering alternatives to advertising-based revenue model for long-term sustainability and user well-being.
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