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2nd June 2022 (9 Topics)

Greece passes first climate law


The Government of Greece recently passed the country’s first climate law to end the use of lignite/coal in the country’s electricity generation by 2028.


About the law:

  • The law contains the establishment of a process for developing sectoral carbon budgets for seven sectors of the economy, an element that exists only in the most progressive climate laws in Europe.
  • It establishes measures and policies to optimise the country’s adaptation to climate change and ensure Greece’s carbonation path by 2050. 


  • The legislation sets interim targets for Greece to cut greenhouse emissions:
    • by at least 55% by 2030 and
    • by 80% by 2040
    • zero-net emissions by 2050
  • It also engages the country to cut dependence on fossil fuels, including weaning off indigenous lignite or brown coal which was once the main source of energy in electricity production from 2028 onwards.
    • This target might be brought forward to 2025, taking into account security of supplies.
  • The deadline for National Climate Law — Transition to climate neutrality and adaptation to climate change will be reviewed in 2023.

Measures and Policies:

The law established measures and policies for the following: 

  • Strengthening adaptation to climate change at the lowest possible cost
  • Intermediate targets for mitigating anthropogenic emissions for 2030 and 2040
  • Carbon budgeting mechanism for key sectors of the economy
  • Progress indicators for achieving relevant targets, progress assessment and target adjustment procedures.

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