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Historic with a small ‘H’

  • Published
    5th Oct, 2023


Recently released Bihar's caste data has highlighting its importance in understanding social inequalities and promoting political transparency.

Significance of Collecting Caste Data

  • Historic Bihar CCS: The release of Bihar's caste data marks a significant moment, revealing caste counts on a large scale.
  • Caste Data's Role: Caste numbers are essential for understanding society and addressing existing inequalities.
  • Political Control: Governments utilize social statistics like caste data to maintain political power and manage public perception.

The Politics of Not Counting Caste

  • Controlling Information: Totalitarian regimes seek to control not only media but also social statistics to shape public opinion.
  • Caste Data's Potential: Caste data has the power to expose social inequalities that may challenge political hegemony.
  • Addressing Caste Realities: Suppressing caste divisions doesn't eliminate them; acknowledging and addressing them is essential.

The Imperative to Count Caste

  • Honest Engagement: Collecting caste data is the first step toward honestly engaging with caste disparities and differences.
  • Caste as a Regulator: Caste significantly impacts life chances, making it essential to acknowledge and address.
  • Political Unity: True political unity requires acknowledging and negotiating differences, not denying or suppressing them.
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