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India and the SCO paradox

  • Published
    26th Apr, 2023


The visit of Chinese and Russian defense ministers to attend a ministerial meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation this week in Delhi is drawing much attention.

Aims and objectives 

  • Establishing Peace: The main objective of the SCO was to promote peace in Eurasia.  
  • Preventing Conflicts: its also aims to cope with the intra-state and inter-state conflicts among the member states. 
  • Counter-terrorism: Counter-terrorism has been the principal preoccupation of the SCO all these years. The rise of terrorism can be seen in the form of attacks in USA ie 9/11.


  • Internal conflicts: Internal conflicts in the SCO are major issues. Many countries face serious conflicts for example between India and China, Delhi and Islamabad, as well as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
  • Aggressive China: China’s rise is increasing the prospects for Beijing’s emergence as the dominant force in inner Asia. Aggressive China is danger for the India. 
  • Ukraine war: Russia’s war in Ukraine is raising questions about Moscow’s capacity to sustain primacy in its backyard. 
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