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India, USA and the AI bridge

  • Published
    10th Nov, 2023


AI has been the central point to 2+2 meeting between India and US

Geopolitical Imperatives of AI Discussion

  • Urgent Imperative for India-US AI Discussion: Two crucial developments, Biden's Executive Order and the Pentagon's updated strategy, highlight the immediate need for intensified India-US discussions on AI.
  • Biden's AI Executive Order: President Biden's Executive Order prioritizes securing AI in civilian applications, emphasizing safety, security, privacy, and global leadership.
  • Military Integration in Pentagon's AI Strategy: The Pentagon's strategy underscores the critical role of AI in military operations, focusing on decision-making processes and the delicate balance between global influence and risk mitigation.

US-China Geopolitical Faultline

  • Central Geopolitical Faultline: The initiatives highlight the escalating rivalry between the US and China, creating a central geopolitical faultline with India sharing concerns about China's AI advancements.
  • Biden's Standards and Decision Advantage: President Biden's Executive Order seeks to establish new standards for AI use, aligning with American values, while emphasizing the crucial role of AI in gaining a decision advantage in defense.
  • China's AI Strides and Geopolitical Competition: China's substantial progress in AI, fueled by state resources and civil-military fusion, presents challenges and intensifies the global competition, raising concerns for the US, India, and other nations.

Imperatives for India-US 2+2 Dialogue

  • Advanced Technology Cooperation: The India-US 2+2 Dialogue should prioritize cooperation in critical and emerging technologies, with a specific focus on AI, reflecting the rapid advancements in this field.
  • Elevating AI in Defence Partnership: The dialogue needs to elevate AI cooperation within bilateral defence partnerships, acknowledging its growing significance in shaping the power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Talent Pool and Collaboration: Collaboration in talent development, particularly in addressing the US shortage of AI experts, is imperative. Leveraging India's talent pool can be a strategic solution through expanded cooperation in education, research, and training.
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