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20th April 2024 (18 Topics)

Israel, a two-state solution, some recent perceptions


Amidst the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, understanding the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the various viewpoints surrounding it is crucial for assessing the current situation and prospects for peace.

Top of Form

Origin and questions:

  • Historical Context: The idea of a Jewish national home and its development since recorded history remain debated.
  • Challenges to Established Myths: Historian Ilan Pappé challenged myths surrounding the origin and identity of contemporary Israel, highlighting issues such as the empty land myth and the displacement of Palestinians.
  • Recent Political Assertions: Bilateral and multilateral efforts to seek a solution have faced challenges, with recent assertions by Israel's Likud Party supporting West Bank annexation.

Balance of forces:

  • Impact of Historical Events: Former negotiator Prof. Itamar Rabinovich assessed the impact of the 1967 war on Israel-Arab relations, emphasizing the lack of a political settlement.
  • Complexities of Peace Processes: Further regional turmoil, including the Intifada, led to the Madrid Conference of 1991, aiming for peace but facing complexities.
  • Current Dynamics: Recent assessments indicate growing American support for Israel, but also a distancing of younger Jewish populations from Israel.

The players:

  • Palestinian Aspirations: Palestinians seek recognition as a state with international rights, as outlined in the Palestinian Non-Paper of June 12, 2002.
  • Israeli Stance: Israel aims to retain control over vital security areas while allowing Palestinian self-government.
  • American Influence: The United States supports a two-state solution, emphasizing demilitarization and regional normalization.
  • Arab States' Perspectives: Arab states seek a revitalized Palestinian state and may consider American suggestions of an Arab Mandate.
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