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20th April 2024 (18 Topics)

Mount Ruang volcano


Indonesia's Mount Ruang volcano erupted five times in a row, prompting the closure of a nearby airport and a tsunami alert.


  • Ruang is situated in the Sangihe Islands arc, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  • It comprises an island that is 4 by 5 kilometers wide, with a summit containing a partial lava dome reaching an altitude of 725 meters (2,379 ft).
  • From its summit, peaks such as Klabat, Siau, and Ternate can be observed in the south, north, and east, respectively.
  • The top of the mountain is partially filled with a lava dome formed as a result of activity in 1904.

Types of Volcanoes:

  • Stratovolcanoes vs. Shield Volcanoes
    • Stratovolcanoes: Steep, cone-shaped with more viscosity. Strato Volcanoes comprise the largest percentage (~60%) of the Earth's individual volcanoes, and most are characterized by eruptions of andesite and dacitelavas that are cooler and more viscous than basalt.
    • Shield Volcanoes: Low-profile, resembling a shield lying on the ground.
  • Variety of Volcanic Features
    • Cinder cones, lava domes, and other features form from erupted magma
    • Geological processes shape the diverse forms of volcanoes.

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