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AI summit adopts ‘New Delhi declaration’

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    Science & Technology
  • Published
    16th Dec, 2023


During Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit hosted by India, the New Delhi Declaration has been signed by 29 nation countries including the European Union.

GPAI is a grouping of countries in North and South America, Europe, and East Asia, that strives to work towards “trustworthy development, deployment, and use of AI.”


The New Delhi Declaration:

  • The Delhi declaration commits countries to work on mitigating concerns around misinformation and disinformation, unemployment, lack of transparency and fairness, protection of intellectual property and personal data, and threats to human rights and democratic values.
  • The GPAI member countries further affirmed their commitment to continue to work within their respective jurisdictions to advance safe, secure, and trustworthy AI, including, as appropriate, through the development of relevant regulations, policies, standards, and other initiatives.
  • The declaration places emphasis on collaborative efforts towards cultivating necessary knowledge, skills, infrastructure, policies, risk management frameworks, and governance mechanisms.
  • This collective approach seeks to harness the potential of AI advancements, ensuring their responsible and effective utilisation, especially among low and middle-income countries.


  • The GPAI's commitment ensures that AI serves as a transformative force, providing clear and accountable guidelines to enable millions worldwide while upholding rights, safety, and security standards.
  • The New Delhi declaration stands as a pivotal testament to the concerted global effort towards harnessing AI's potential for societal advancement while mitigating its potential risks.

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