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Ashadhi Bij, the new year celebration

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    History & Culture
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    19th Jul, 2021

The Prime Minister, ShriNarendraModi greeted the people on the auspicious occasion of AshadhiBij, the Kutchi New Year.


The Prime Minister, ShriNarendraModi greeted the people on the auspicious occasion of AshadhiBij, the Kutchi New Year.


About the AshadhiBij

  • Ashadhi Bij is 2nd day of Shuklapaksha of Aashaadha month, of Hindu calendar.
  • This is an auspicious day for farming communities in Northern India especially in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and some other places.
  • This marks the beginning of the new year by the Kutchi People in Gujarat.
  • AshadhiBij is celebrated to predict the monsoon. During this, lend is checked by the experts to check the moisture in the atmosphere.
  • It is done to predict the suitability of the crop for the land.
  • On this occasion, RathYatra is celebrated.

Major New Year celebrations from different parts of the country






  • It commemorates the first day of the Vaisakh month.
  • The Sikh community of Punjab also celebrates this day as the formation of the Sikh Khalsa.
  • It is celebrated mainly at the birthplace of the Khalsa and the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Jude Sheetal,

Bihar, Jharkhand

  • Also known as Maithili New Year, it is celebrated by the Maithilis in Bihar, Jharkhand and even Nepal. 


North Eastern States

  • It is also known as RangaliBihu,BohagBihu also falls on the day of Baisakhi and Puthandu in Assam.
  • BohagBihu is celebrated for three days straight with many different traditions. Bihu dance is a form of celebration for the people



  • GudiPadwa is the first day of Chaitra month and marked as the New year in Maharashtra. 
  • A 'Gudi', a beautiful arrangement of silk saree or cloth tied to stick with a 'Lota' on the top and then decorated with sweets and garlands made of neem and mango.
  • The day symbolises the victory of ChatrapatiShivajiMaharaj over his enemies and Shalivahan’s victory over the Sakas. 


Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

  • It is observed in these regions on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Chaitra.
  • Traditional sweets and 'Pachadi' (sweet syrup) – made with raw mangoes and neem leaves – are served with the Ugadi meal.
  • Ugadi is the festival of new beginnings, so people buy new clothes and eat lots of good food with friends and family. 



  • Vishu festival marks the beginning of harvest in the bountiful land of Kerala. 
  • On this day, devotees also visit SabarimalaAyyappanTemple and Guruvayur Krishna temple for prayers.


West Bengal

  • The Poila or PohelaBoishakh is the first day of the Vaisakh, which is the Bengali New Year.
  • Santiniketan is well known for its Noboborsho (New Year) festivals.

Jamshedi Navroz,

Gujarat, Maharashtra

  • Novruz is the Iranian New Year, celebrated by many ethnolinguistic groups all over the world.
  • In India, on the next day of Pateti, Parsis celebrate Navroz.

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