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India to participate in the Exercise Desert Flag-VI

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    International Relations
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    8th Mar, 2021


The Indian Air Force (IAF) will participate in the Exercise Desert Flag-VI along with the air forces of the UAE, the US, France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Bahrain for the first time.


  • The Exercise Desert Flag is an annual multi-national large force employment warfare exercise hosted by the UAE Air Force.
  • The aim of the exercise is to provide operational exposure to the participating forces, while training them to undertake simulated air combat operations in a controlled environment.
  • The drill will have air forces of the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Bahrain and the host country UAE.
  • The IAF is participating with 6 Su-30 MKI, 2 C-17 and 1 IL-78 tanker aircraft.
    • The Su-30 MKI aircraft will undertake a long-range ferry, routing directly from India to the exercise area with aerial refuelling support from the IL-78 tanker aircraft.
    • The C-17 Globemaster will provide support for the induction and de-induction of the IAF contingent.

What’s so special this time?

  • This would be the first time that jawans would be part of this high-level military conference.
  • So far, only the topmost brass of the three services – Army, Navy and Air Force — was allowed to participate in this conference.


  • Enhancement of operational capabilities: The participating forces will get an opportunity to enhance their operational capabilities.
  • Exchange of best practices: The large-scale exercise involving diverse fighter aircraft from across the globe will provide the participating forces, including the IAF, a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience, enhance operational capabilities and interoperability.
  • Strengthening of international relations: Exercising and interacting with the participating nations in a dynamic and realistic warfare environment will also contribute to strengthen international relations.

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