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Remission of diabetes, desirable, but not essential

  • Published
    15th Nov, 2023


Studies suggest impossibility of making India ‘diabetes free’, but a ‘diabetes complications free India’ is possible.

Understanding Diabetes

  • Diabetes Overview (Type 1 and Type 2):Diabetes, a chronic condition, comprises Type 1 (insulin-dependent, childhood onset) and Type 2 (affecting sugar usage, linked to lifestyle and genetics).
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Differences:Type 1 diabetes depends on insulin administration and often occurs in childhood. Type 2 disrupts sugar usage, leading to complications like nerve and blood vessel damage.
  • Impact of Uncontrolled Diabetes:Uncontrolled diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, inflicts severe damage on nerves and blood vessels, underlining the critical importance of effective management.

‘Remission’ in Type 2 Diabetes: ABCDE Criteria

  • Diabetes Terminology:'Reversal' is scientifically inaccurate; the appropriate term is 'remission,' implying a temporary absence rather than a permanent cure.
  • Criteria for Type 2 Diabetes Remission:Remission likelihood in Type 2 diabetes is linked to A1c levels, Body Mass Index, C-peptide for insulin, diabetes duration, and an enthusiastic approach.
  • Legacy Effect of Diabetes Remission:Even temporary remission yields a 'legacy effect,' guarding against complications, emphasizing the significance of managing diabetes effectively.

Addressing Diabetes in India: Challenges and Goals

  • Diabetes Landscape in India:India grapples with 101 million diabetes cases and 136 million prediabetes cases, emphasizing the urgency for preventive measures.
  • Strategies for Diabetes Management:Lifestyle modifications delay diabetes in prediabetes, and diabetes management, including remission efforts, align with ABCDE guidelines for a healthier life.
  • Aspirations for a Complication-Free India:The vision shifts from a 'diabetes-free' to a 'complication-free' India, fostering a collective commitment on World Diabetes Day for transformative goals in healthcare.
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