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Revamping the criminal justice system to fit the bill

  • Published
    11th Nov, 2023


There needs to be proper parliamentary scrutiny of the new Bills replacing the IPC, the CrPC and the IEA to ensure a fair, just and efficient criminal justice system.

Legislative Overhaul for Core Laws

  • Legislative Overhaul: The government presents three bills as a comprehensive replacement for core criminal justice laws—IPC, CrPC, and IEA. This move hints at a significant transformation in the legal foundation.
  • Parliamentary Scrutiny: Under examination by the Parliamentary Standing Committee, these bills undergo thorough review. This reflects a meticulous legislative process, ensuring comprehensive scrutiny and potential improvements.
  • Shaping Legal Landscape: The bills, once enacted, hold the promise of shaping a new legal landscape. Their potential to influence and redefine the criminal justice system underscores their significance in legal governance.

Challenges in Modernizing Jurisprudence

  • Legal Scope and Approach: Key questions surface regarding the bills' treatment of civil law, signaling a potential shift from punitive to reformative justice. The impact on diverse legal aspects demands scrutiny.
  • Balancing Public Order: Challenges emerge in reconciling maintenance of public order within the criminal prosecution framework. The bills retain structures, necessitating a delicate balance for effective governance.
  • Modernization and Consistency: Critical issues encompass age provisions, gender-related offenses, and consistent penalty implementation. The bills should navigate modern norms, aligning with Supreme Court directions and ensuring uniformity in sentencing.

Duplication and Drafting Concerns

  • Mental Health Alignment: The IPC replacement aligns with the Mental Healthcare Act, providing exceptions for mental illness. This addresses a crucial aspect of criminal justice by acknowledging mental health considerations.
  • Challenges of Duplications and Inconsistencies: Persistent challenges involve duplications and inconsistencies across laws, risking confusion and legal conflicts. Overlooking special laws and retaining obsolete illustrations further complicates the legal landscape.
  • Call for Meticulous Parliamentary Examination: Parliamentary examination to ensure these bills create a fair, just, and efficient criminal justice system, avoiding potential pitfalls.
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