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Towards stabilization of U.S.-China ties

  • Published
    31st Oct, 2023


The U.S. and China will still compete, but they should work together smartly for a practical and beneficial relationship.

The Significance of U.S.-China Dialogue

  • Shift towards Dialogue: U.S.-China dialogue is crucial for peace amidst ongoing global tensions and potential presidential summit talks.
  • Potential for Stabilization: While not yet "détente," a tactical stabilization in relations between major global powers is anticipated.
  • Influence in West Asia: Effective communication between the U.S. and China could promote restraint in West Asia, particularly concerning Iran and Hezbollah.

Current U.S. Stance and Actions

  • S. Strength and Strategy: The U.S. holds economic advantage and has bolstered alliances, especially in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, amid challenges.
  • Maintaining Tough Approach: The Biden administration maintains Trump-era tariffs and implements export restrictions to limit Chinese high-tech industry growth.
  • Guardrails and China's Reaction: The U.S. seeks to establish guardrails in the relationship, but China expresses bitterness and skepticism towards this approach.

China's Perspective and Strategic Goals

  • Belief in U.S. Decline: China perceives the U.S. as a declining military power but desires cooperation while safeguarding its political system's supremacy.
  • Regional Dominance Ambitions: China aims to establish regional dominance in the western Pacific, facing resistance from neighboring nations backed by the U.S.
  • Global Politics Dynamics: China's pursuit of regional dominance aligns with U.S. global politics aimed at preventing the rise of hegemonic powers.
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