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31st October 2022 (8 Topics)

United against Terror


With the on-going UNSC’s Counter-terrorism Committee meeting (CTC) which shows its stand of India against terrorism, also puts an obligation for India to persuade others that terrorism is a threat to humanity.

Briefings of the Meeting:

  • Held in Mumbai: India aims to bring UN officials, and ministers and diplomats from all members of the Security Council (UNSC), to discuss challenges to the global counter-terrorism architecture. In Mumbai, the spotlight was on the 26/11 attacks.
  • Efforts to Combat against Terrorism and related source countries: Despite the global nature of the terror targets, India has had an uphill battle since 2008 in international cooperation to pursue the case, and in bringing the surviving attacker of 26/11 through a full trial and execution. 
  • Focusing on several Terror groups: There exist several terror groups which target India for their illegal activities and destructions needs to be highlighted and countries supporting them too.
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