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Without soil conservation, there is no food security

  • Published
    28th Jul, 2022


Adopting agro-ecological approaches that result in sustainable food production systems is the need of the hour, to ensure food security for the world.

Status of soil degradation:

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s ‘State of Land, Soil and Water’ report:

  • Incredibly, if no remedial action is done, over 90% of the earth's soils might be deteriorated by 2050, up from the current one-third degradation rate.
  • India’s status: While 145 million hectares in India are thought to have soil deterioration, it is estimated that 96.40 million hectares — or nearly 30% of the entire geographical area — have land degradation.
  • Global status: Globally, 1,660 million hectares (29%) of the 5,670 million hectares of land whose biophysical condition is deteriorating are due to human-induced land degradation.
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