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12th May 2022 (10 Topics)

“YALI” is the first Indian entry at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


YALI, an energy-efficient boat created by students from Coimbatore, becomes the first from India to compete in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.


About YALI:

  • Name YALI is inspired by the Indian mythological creature that is part horse, part lion and part elephant.
  • The name emphasise that the boat is fast as a horse, strong as an elephant and powerful as a lion
  • It is characterised by a small solar panel, white rudders, an electrical battery and a cockpit.
  • It will compete in the ninth edition of the prestigious Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: a first for India.
  • It is the first student-made energy-efficient boat that will represent the country in July.
  • The primary source of energy will be the battery, while the secondary source is the solar panel.
  • The solar panel will be charged from the sun and it will be stored in the battery, from which it will be sent to the propulsion system.

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge:

  • The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is an international challenge open to the public, which welcomes students and professionals from all over the world to race.
  • The competition is divided into three categories: Energy, Solar and Open Sea.
  • The Energy category has been there since 2018.
  • They focus a lot on alternate propulsion systems and encourage the use of clean energy in the marine industry.
  • This event aims to stimulate the creativity of tomorrow’s engineers and the industry to develop propulsion methods using clean energy.

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