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Art & Culture - Yearly Thematic Current Affairs Compilation for UPSC Prelims 2024

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    28th Mar, 2024

"Prelims Sampoorna Yearly Compilation: Art & Culture” is a comprehensive resource tailored to meet the diverse needs of UPSC aspirants, especially for Prelims. In UPSC Prelims, on average, around 10-15 Questions are asked from Art and Culture. In acknowledgment of the important role that Art & Culture plays in the UPSC examination, particularly within the segment of "Current events of national and international importance," this compilation covers recent developments over the past 1-2 years. It incorporates Previous Year Questions (PYQs) to familiarize aspirants with the exam pattern and provides Practice Questions for efficient revision and practice.

The compilation is thoughtfully structured into sub-themes, including:

  • Indian Art Form
  • Temple and Architecture
  • Dance, Drama, and Music
  • Festivals
  • Literature, Sculpture, Paintings and Language

With its systematic organization, inclusion of PYQs, and Practice Questions, this compilation serves as a valuable tool for UPSC aspirants, ensuring a holistic approach to covering both the static and current dimensions of Art & Culture.

In the series, there are Total 11 Booklets:

1. Polity

2. Programme and Policies

3. Economy

4. Environment & Ecology

5. Geography

6. International Relations

7. Science & Tech

8. Art & culture

9. Act & Bills

10. Location in News

11. Gist of India Year Book

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