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Gist of India Year Book (IYB) 2024 for UPSC Exam

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    12th Mar, 2024

Annually published by the Publications Division of the Government of India, the India Year Book serves as a comprehensive exploration of various dimensions of the nation, encompassing its history, geography, economy, culture, polity, governance, science, and development. Given its significance, UPSC gives a lot of importance to this document in IAS Prelims Examination and at least 10-15 questions in Prelims are from this document. 

However, the sheer volume of the India Year Book 2024, exceeding 800 pages, poses a challenge for aspirants to cover the entire book and get the maximum out of it. Recognizing this need, GS SCORE’s Gist of India Year Book (IYB), offers a succinct and pertinent summary coupled with essential value additions to aid aspirants in their preparation.

What does it include?

  • Concise Summary: This resource provides a meticulously crafted compilation tailored for Civil Services Examinations. It condenses the voluminous India Year Book into a miniaturized version, incorporating necessary value additions.
  • Key Terms: Each thematic section incorporates vital key terms and concepts, facilitating conceptual clarity for students.
  • Value Addition: Beyond mere coverage, aspirants can enrich their understanding with additional facts and data, thereby enhancing their knowledge base.
  • Practice Questions: In addition to coverage, this resource integrates practice questions, enabling aspirants to reinforce their learning and hone their examination skills.

The GS SCORE's Gist of India Year Book (IYB) serves as an invaluable tool for UPSC aspirants, offering a comprehensive yet concise overview of critical aspects of India, thereby facilitating effective preparation for the IAS Examination.

In the series, there are Total 11 Booklets:

1. Polity

2. Programme and Policies

3. Economy

4. Environment & Ecology

5. Geography

6. International Relations

7. Science & Tech

8. Art & culture

9. Act & Bills

10. Location in News

11. Gist of India Year Book

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