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Geography - Yearly Thematic Current Affairs Compilation for UPSC Prelims 2024

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    13th Mar, 2024

In UPSC Prelims, questions from Geography encompass a wide range of topics, ranging from Earth's physical features to human geography, including Indian and world geography. Typically, this section comprises around 15 to 20 questions, making it a significant component of the examination's first part.

Recognizing the important role of Geography in clearing UPSC Prelims, “Prelims Sampoorna Yearly Compilation: Geography” attempts to provide an easy solution for all UPSC aspirants. This document contains current affairs spanning the last 1-2 years, PYQs (to help aspirants understand the UPSC exam pattern), and Practice Questions (for quick revision and practice). Also, this compilation is smartly divided into sub-themes-

  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
  • Physiography
  • Location in News and other relevant geographic domains.

With intelligently categorized topics, PYQs, and practice questions, this compilation offers UPSC aspirants a comprehensive approach to cover Current Affairs, along with the static part.

In the series, there are Total 11 Booklets:

1. Polity

2. Programme and Policies

3. Economy

4. Environment & Ecology

5. Geography

6. International Relations

7. Science & Tech

8. Art & culture

9. Act & Bills

10. Location in News

11. Gist of India Year Book

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