The first-ever edition of "World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day"(World NTD Day) is launched on 30 January 2020. This initiative brings together various civil society organisations, community leaders, global health experts and policymakers working in the field of NTDs.

They share a bold ambition: #BeatNTDs. For good. For all, a goal fully supported by the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp. 

  1. What are Neglected Tropical Diseases?
  2. Types of Neglected Tropical Diseases:
  3. Why a ‘World Day’?
  4. Significance of the Day:
  5. The story of India:
  6. Global collaborative action
  7. The funding ratio:
  8. Impacts of NTDs:
  9. Challenges:
  10. Suggestive measures:
  11. Way forward:
  12. Mock Questions:

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