Topical Analysis “Jammu and Kashmir – Issues and Stakeholders”

Kashmir has history of 6000 years, intermittently ruled by outsiders. The history of Kashmir is mainly divided into four periods:

Shah Mir ascended the throne under the name of Sultan Shamasud-din, and his dynasty ruled the state for 222 years. Sultan Sikander Butshika of Kashmir considered worst in Muslim Period. Firishta records that he persecuted the Hindus and issued orders prohibiting the residence of any other than Muslims in Kashmir. He also ordered the breaking of all golden and silver images.

  1. Historical Background of Jammu Kashmir
  2. Post Independence Jammu Kashmir
  3. Constitutional Provisions
  4. Issue of Article 370
  5. Issue of Article 35A
  6. Abrogation of Article 370
  7. International Angle
  8. Mock Questions

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