Topper's Interview: CSE 2018

Toppers' Interviews work as the best source for motivation and inspiration to keep the momentum high for your preparation of civil services. These interviews are also helpful to carve out the preparation strategy for UPSC Civil Services Examination. These interviews help aspirants to find out the mistakes and hindrances that they stumble upon during preparation. The aspirants can seek help from these interview videos and transcripts in all different tiers of examination. These interviews remain the most helpful for those candidates who have a crunch of time or resources or the students belonging to remote areas devoid of certain privileges. Junaid Ahmad (AIR-3, CSE 2018), Srurshti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR-5, CSE 2018), Karnati Varun Reddy (Rank-7, CSE 2018), Pujya Priyadarshni (AIR-11, CSE 2018) Dhodmise Trupti Ankush (Rank-16, CSE 2018), Rishita Gupta (Rank-18, CSE 2018), Rishab C A (Rank-23, CSE 2018), Himanshu Nagpal (Rank-26, CSE 2018), Deepesh Kedia (Rank-36, CSE 2018), Ankur Kaushik (Rank-37, CSE 2018), Garima Aggrawal (Rank-40, CSE 2018), Akshay Agrawal (Rank-43, CSE 2018), Amritpal Kaur (Rank-44, CSE 2018), Renjina Mary Varghese (Rank-49, CSE 2018), Vikram Grewal (Rank-51, CSE 2018), are some of top results that have brought laurels to the institute.

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