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Time management During Preparation of UPSC Exam

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    2nd Aug, 2021

Time management is the most crucial part of UPSC civil services exam preparation. Making wise use of it will enable you to manage your studies and counter any stress or pressure that you might encounter during the course of this preparation.

The following points must be kept in mind for better time management during preparation:

Make an Honest assessment of available time: Depending upon when you have started your preparation, decide how many months you have at your disposal and also how many hours you can dedicate in a day. If you are a beginner and not working, giving 6-7 hours of focused time is essential for preparation. On the other hand if you are a beginner and working,  try and give at least 5 hours daily. Ideal preparation period for the UPSC IAS Exam is 11-12 months. So better planning is necessary for this if you have a lesser number of months available.  It is suggested that daily hours that you devote is stretched to 8 hrs of study.

Set up Realistic but little ambitious targets: Try and set up Monthly-Weekly- Daily targets. The targets you set have to reflect your own personal understanding and priorities. It is essential that these targets are realistic so that they are achievable while it is also important that they are ambitious so that they give you a push to utilize your time to the best extent.

For an example : Your target can look like the following (time, date and month given below are just examples, you should have your own target).


  • Indian Modern History (NCERT) by 15th
  • Indian Economy (NCERT) between 15-20th September
  • Polity ( NCERT + Laxmikanth) between 20-30th September

The above given schedule is an example and may vary from person to person. But it is essential to give Time management to all aspects of preparation. Time management meant for relaxation should not be overspent on internet surfing or chatting on Whatsapp. Try to do those things that really soothe you and relax your mind.

Divide large tasks into small yet achievable daily goals: Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. You may have a lot of subjects to cover but it starts with one single step taken at this moment. Example: You have planned to finish your optional in the next 3 months. Chalk out a plan that gives the number of chapters to be completed in a week and the number of pages you can complete in a day.

Make smart use of technology: The Internet and smartphones can make your life easier if you do not allow yourself to be carried away by it. If you feel that you have scarce Time management for making  notes or reading newspapers, make use of apps like Evernote to organize your notes and copy paste pictures and screenshots from any websites.

Manage your Stress and Anxiety levels: UPSC civil services exam preparation may come with undue stress and pressure for most of the aspirants. Thus it is important to adequately manage it through proper nutrition, adequate physical exercises or any other activity along with meditation. Approaching a trusted adult or a friend in case of need is the best thing you can do. It is always important to remember during the course of the preparation that irrespective of the result there is ample scope for everybody to do well in life. Have faith in your abilities and give your best and leave the rest.

Avoid Distractions: Importance of meaningful breaks has already been discussed. But it is important to distinguish them from distractions which eat away your productive time. Breaks are taken at your own will when required, while distractions may come in the form of social media notifications or a family gathering. Thus use your own discretion and pick and choose as per your own will.

These are just a few tips which IAS aspirants can implement during the preparation. IAS Coaching helps in the Time management of the students in the best possible way.  GS Score, the best IAS Coaching in Delhi will help you in proper implementation of your Time management and score well in the exam.


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