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Optional Subjects for UPSC Examination

Will optional be removed from UPSC?

Clearing Civil Services Examination is very much daunting task. Aspirants need to work smartly with strong determination and sheer commitment to clear this examination. Every year lots of myths enter in to market-related to Civil Services Examination, one of them among very common question is; will UPSC remove Optional Paper? Aspirants should remember that; this may be true but there is also possibility that this may be sheer speculation only.

Which Subject should i Choose as Optional in Civil Services Examination?

Choosing optional paper is very difficult aspect in civil Service examination as these optional papers are the scoring subject for aspirants. It can rightly said that optional paper is the make-or-break component of the examination so it is advisable to aspirants that Civil service aspirants should choose wisely the subject after thorough consideration of various factors which play a very crucial role in deciding the merit list.

Strategy For Sociology Optional In UPSC Mains Exam

While preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam optional subjects play a significant role. For UPSC mains exam an aspirant has to choose one optional subject out of the list of 48 subjects. The marks allotted for optional subject in UPSC exam is 500 marks out of the total. A wrong choice of optional can lead you to score low marks and hence your chances of selection may be compromised. Since last few years Sociology optional has emerged as the most safe and popular optional chosen by multiple of aspirants in the UPSC mains exam.

How To Prepare Public Administration Optional for UPSC

The last few years of UPSC results have revealed that one optional that has made rapid strides in producing toppers in the UPSC exam is Public Administration. Glancing over the last few years toppers we will find one out of ten with Public Administration as an optional in UPSC mains exam. The reason behind such a huge upsurge in choosing this optional is perhaps its small and easy-to-cover UPSC syllabus and its overlapping with the General Studies up to a large extent.

Strategy To Prepare History Optional For UPSC Exam

Choosing an optional subject for the IAS exam is an uphill task as this decide the fate of your selection in UPSC IAS Exam. The elective subject should be chosen wisely by any student in such a way that it incorporates the syllabus of General Studies with its syllabus. History is, without a doubt, one of the most popular subjects for all those who will appear for the Civil Services Main Examination.

Strategy of Geography Optional For IAS Exam

Geography is one optional that has more affinity to IAS aspirants hailing from science background. The reason being is its scientific nature and its maximum overlapping with UPSC general studies paper in both IAS prelims and mains exam. Every year this optional is being chosen by a lot of aspirants that is evidenced by its remarkable result round the years.

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