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Which Subject should i Choose as Optional in Civil Services Examination?

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    20th Nov, 2021

Choosing optional paper is very difficult aspect in Civil Service Examination as these optional papers are the scoring subject for aspirants. It can rightly said that optional paper is the make-or-break component of the examination so it is advisable to aspirants that Civil service aspirants should choose wisely the subject after thorough consideration of various factors which play a very crucial role in deciding the merit list.

Why Greater Thought Perception is required before selection of Optimal Subject?                                

Scoring Subject:

  • As Optional Subject is the scoring subject so, it play a crucial role in differentiation that who will be in and who will be out of the merit list. Marks obtained in the UPSC optional subjects are considered for the preparation of final merit. Hence, the choice of an optional subject for UPSC must be made cautiously. Unlike the old syllabus module of UPSC where, candidates had to choose two optional papers. Now, candidates has to choose one optional subject. However, question of “how to choose the best optional subject for UPSC?” Remains the most frequently asked question by UPSC aspirants.

Factors that should be considered before Selection of Optional Subject:

Similarity between GS and Optional Paper:

  • There are few subjects like History, Political Science & International Relations, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Public Administration, etc. have syllabus that somehow  overlap with the General Studies syllabus in both Prelims as well as Mains. So, if you like any of the subjects mentioned above and choose it as your optional paper then it will help immensely in your preparation.

Syllabus Bulkiness:

  • Another factors that you should keep in mind before choosing you optional paper is the bulkiness and length of the syllabus.
  • There is already four General Study’s papers and an essay paper along with qualifying papers. If you choose an optional with a lengthy syllabus then that would mean that you’ll have to cut short your study time of other subjects to allocate more time on optional subject which otherwise you would have allocated on GS papers.

Trending Subjects:

  • Never ever choose you optional paper based on the perception that certain subjects has more success rate or certain subject is more scoring one or certain subjects are the most chosen one by the aspirants who have cleared this examination.
  • This is completely myth and wrong perception which majority of candidates form for themselves that this optional subject (Abc) one will be game-changer for them and it can fetch them good marks for them. This is completely false narrative which should not be taken into account at all in deciding the optional paper.

Resource Availability:

  • One of the most important factor that should be kept in mind is the availability of the resources in the market. If you look this aspect through the example, suppose one student choose Sanskrit as optional then ultimately he/ she has to suffer in terms of finding the resources as there is very limited availability of the resources in the market for this subject.
  • Quality Study materials and availability of relevant books are extremely limited even in this tech-savvy world. Due to onset of online education, you can access more resources sitting at the comfort of your home, it is imperative that you evaluate the choice of optional on the basis of the available resources.

Familiarity with the subject

  • One of the most important factor in making decision for choosing optional subject which must be considered by all aspirants is familiarity with the subject. If you are choosing your graduation subject as your optional subject then that should be your choice. Whatever you choose but, always keep in mind that you should not lose your interest in that particular subject.

The UPSC optional subjects play a very important role in the selection scheme of things in Civil services Examination. And if you are one of those candidates who go by the trend factor then journey ahead for you is turbulent one. There is nothing such word of best UPSC optional subject. One should be very careful while choosing an optional subject on such parameters as it may cost you an attempt!


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