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How To Make Notes for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Under UPSC Civil Services Examination candidates struggle with time crunch to complete huge amount of UPSC Syllabus on time. Note making is thus an essential exercise for candidates to cope with strong competition and sheer unpredictability of the IAS Examination.

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UPSC Exam: Practice & Self-Study is Key To Success

Learning something new is always hard, especially at the beginning when we’re likely to struggle and make mistakes. The reality is the only way to learn something new is to practice.

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How To Avoid Distraction During UPSC preparation

By seeing the length and width of the UPSC Exam Syllabus and subjects, it can be overwhelming to maintain the pace of study during the preparation. According to research conducted by Dr. Larry Rosen, professor emeritus at California State University", an average student is distracted for at least five out of every 15 minutes during studies.

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Essential Qualities of An IAS Aspirant

IAS Examination needs certain character traits that should be possessed by each and every IAS aspirant during UPSC Preparation. It is important to not let your shortcomings affect your work or the people around you. Though It seems a tough task but it is definitely possible if executed properly.

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Common Mistakes Done By UPSC Aspirants

Civil services examination is not an examination in a conventional sense. Just academic knowledge is not sufficient to clear IAS Examination. Thus a candidate sometimes is left fending for his own self due to lack of direction and understanding about the demands of one of the most prestigious examinations in the country.

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Is It Right To Name Mucermycosis As Black, White Or Yellow Fungus

Cases of Black Fungus, White Fungus and Yellow Fungus have started appearing in the corona epidemic. But doctors at large hospitals, including AIIMS, say that it is wrong to call mucorumcosis as a black fungus. White and yellow fungus also does not occur. In the past, there have been many fungal infections in patients. But everyone's conclusion is that fungal infections have increased due to weakening immunity in people infected with corona. Corona, uncontrolled diabetes and steroid all three are weakening the body's resistance. There are many types of fungus. Dr. Purva Mathur, Professor of Lab Medicine, AIIMS Trauma Center, said that what is being said about black, white or yellow fungus is a misnomer. In culture investigation, black and white fungus came to be called on the basis of color. Aspergillus fungus develops when the bread is spoiled. In the same way, mucarmycosis is a different type of fungus, it is not called black fungus. Even before Corona, cases of this disease were seen more in India than other countries in patients suffering from other diseases. Warm and humid environment is favorable for this.

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Commonwealth Day : History, Theme and Significance

Usually the Commonwealth Day is celebrated all across the world on the second Monday in the month of March every year. But in India and couple of other countries  Commonwealth Day is also celebrated on May 24. The Commonwealth Day is also known as the Empire Day. This day marks the formation of the British Empire in India and other colonies of Britain.

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Cyclone Tauktae : India's Disaster Management Amid Pandemic

A severe cyclone has battered India’s west coast in recent days. The most powerful cyclone in the Arabian Sea in decades, Cyclone Tauktae has claimed lives, destroyed infrastructure and laid waste crops as it raced from Kerala to Gujarat. Over the weekend, scores of lives were lost in the southern states, including eight in Karnataka. Cyclone Tauktae has hit India at a time when the country is already struggling to deal with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Several Covid-19 centres had to be evacuated. The cyclone has weakened India’s already limited health infrastructure. With lakhs of people being packed into relief centres, the danger of coronavirus infections spreading among them looms. Uprooted trees have hampered transport of oxygen and medical equipment. These must be cleared immediately. The last year cyclone Amphan had also made landfall amid first wave of corona virus. The cyclone Taukte has once again put the question mark over  preparedness of India to deal with disasters . The states of west coast of India has been impacted severly from the disaster. The most important thing to note here is that states affected with this cyclone were also the most affected states  from corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the preparedness and response to Cyclone Taukte have revealed that India need to revamp its protection measures and early warning system.


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What is the centuries-old dispute between Israel and Palestine

After seven years, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has once again escalated . Between constant air strikes and shelling, once again, a situation like war has arisen between the two. In 2014, there was a war between the two which lasted for 50 days. In such a situation, after looking at the pictures of innocent people being killed in large numbers, the obvious question that confront each of us that what is the root cause of the dispute between Israel and Palestine. What is the reason that the relationship between the two is not normalizing and both of them come to the battlefield against each other.

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An Approach for Integrated preparation of Mains cum Prelims for IAS Examination

UPSC Civil Services examination has the most challenging exam status due to the extensive syllabus. Each step demands the conceptual depth of the subjects. Syllabus of Prelims and Mains overlap in many areas. The art of getting maximum marks and utilizing the best of available resources in a limited time is the only way that can ensure success in this exam. What we call it – ‘minimum input & maximum output’. In this context, the pre-cum-mains integrated approach is considered to be the best method for the preparation of the examination. Before we know how to find the best results from an integrated approach, we should understand why this method is the best?

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