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3rd November 2023 (10 Topics)

India signed first international declaration to address risks of AI


India, along with countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and China, agreed to work to manage the risk that artificial intelligence poses, at a AI summit, Bletchley Park, London.

About ‘Bletchley Park ‘Declaration:

  • The Declaration is the first International Declaration to manage AI’s safe development.
  • India was among the 28 countries that signed Bletchley Declaration on the first day of the AI Safety Summit hosted by the UK government
    • Countries have agreed to work together on AI safety research.
  • The Bletchley Park Declaration defines "Frontier AI" as advanced foundational generative AI models that could pose serious risks to public safety.
  • It highlights the potential for significant harm, intentional or unintentional, from these AI models and emphasizes the need for international cooperation to address these risks.
  • Future AI safety summits-
    • South Korea co-hosting a virtual summit and
    • France set to host an in-person summit

Global Variance in AI Regulation

  • Various nations have responded differently to the emergence of generative AI tools.
    • The EU has proposed a stringent AI Act based on the AI's usage and associated risks.
    • The UK opts for a more lenient, innovation-friendly approach.
    • The US, through an executive order, is navigating toward defining a regulatory framework for AI, building on the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.
    • China has also introduced its own measures for AI regulation.

President Biden's Executive Order:

  • Following the Bletchley Park Declaration, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order aiming to regulate AI technology and safeguard against potential threats.
  • The order requires AI companies to share the results of safety tests before releasing new AI capabilities.
    • It empowers the federal government to intervene, adjust, or halt products if they're deemed unsafe.
    • The order also introduces the use of watermarks to flag AI-generated content like deepfakes, establishing industry guidelines that government agencies are obliged to implement.

India's Evolving AI Stance:

  • India has notably shifted its stance on AI regulation.
    • India’s leadership emphasizes the importance of addressing potential downsides of AI while leveraging its opportunities.
    • India now seems focused on formulating a "risk-based, user-harm" regulatory approach, setting up a domestic statutory authority to regulate AI, and advocating for global AI responsibility.
    • This summit reflected a global consensus on the need for responsible and safe AI, leading to policy moves and executive actions aimed at ensuring safety, security, and trust in AI technologies across nations.

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