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3rd November 2023 (10 Topics)

Is the United Nations toothless in ending wars?


The United Nations (UN's) declining influence in conflict resolution is a threat to increasing Israel-Hamas conflict and India's role limitations.

Declining Influence of the UN

  • Post-Cold War Power Dynamics: Major power differences have hindered the UN's effectiveness in conflict resolution.
  • Limitations of the UNSC Structure: The UNSC's structure, with veto powers, limits its ability to address conflicts with conflicting national interests.
  • Lack of Multilateral Framework: The shift to a multipolar world without a corresponding multilateral framework has led to an exercise of force.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Dynamics

  • Netanyahu's Divisive leadership: The domestic political challenges contribute to the continuation of the conflict.
  • Limited Arab Support: Limited sympathy for the Palestinian cause within Gulf Arab states and reluctance to accept Palestinian refugees.
  • Conflict Resolution Efforts: The U.S. election adds complexity to finding a resolution, while the Abraham Accords' envisioned solution has unraveled.

India's Role and Interests

  • Evolving Indian Foreign Policy: India's evolving foreign policy balances traditional positions with bilateral relationships with key countries.
  • India's Limited Mediation Capacity: While India has provided aid and engaged in diplomacy, its capacity to mediate in the conflict is limited.
  • West Asian Interests and Constraints: Recognizing India's interest in the West Asian region, its role is circumscribed by the complexities at play.
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