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3rd November 2023 (10 Topics)

Holding each other Up


There is a need of community-driven innovation, citing like Amul's success, ATLs, and ATL Sarthi, highlighting grassroots involvement for national growth.

India's Innovation Ecosystem

  • Example being set earlier: India's success stories like Amul highlight the power of community-driven efforts in achieving national milestones.
  • Rankings: The Global Innovation Index (GII) ranks India 40th, showcasing the impact of public and private commitment towards innovation.
  • The Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) initiative: aims to cultivate one million young innovators, emphasizing the need for grassroots involvement.


  • Lack of guidance: ATL Sarthi, an initiative in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir, focuses on creating clusters of ATLs overseen by a guidance committee.
  • More crowd, less efforts: Clusters enhance effectiveness by pooling resources and sharing expertise, leading to improved attendance and performance in schools.
  • Overcoming mindset barriers and encouraging schools to take ownership of taxpayer-funded infrastructure is a key challenge.

Empowering Communities for Sustainability

  • Benefit of community participation: The success of Green and White Revolutions underscores the importance of community participation in driving national progress.
  • Taking seriously Government initiatives: This can reach their full potential when communities actively engage, taking ownership of modern initiatives.
  • Transforming era of evolution: This community-centric approach, from schools to startups, is essential for India to thrive in the era of innovation.
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