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28th December 2023 (9 Topics)

Law of numbers


After the pre-term conclusion of the winter session of the Parliament, the government should not use its majority to rush through legislation.

New Low in Parliamentary Democracy

  • Refusal to Engage with Opposition: The 18-day winter session has ended with the avoiding dialogue, leading to a new low in democracy.
  • Unilateral Passage of Legislation: During the session, the government passed significant Bills, impacting the country's legal framework, telecommunications regulation, and Election Commission appointments.
  • Suspension of Opposition Members: The absence of applied thought in suspending even a non-present MP highlighted the session's chaotic nature. The rift persists, as the Opposition seeks accountability for a security breach.

Unprecedented Executive Power Surge

  • Passage of Impactful Laws: The absence of a substantial Opposition presence allowed the government to pass laws altering the criminal code, telecommunications regulation, and Election Commission appointments.
  • Refusal of Opposition's Demands: The government's refusal to address the security breach and its obstinate stance showcased a belief in numerical majority as a shield against accountability.
  • Lack of Parliamentary Debate: The government's success in passing laws without comprehensive parliamentary debate highlighted a disregard for conflicting views. The alleged mimicry incident served as a convenient distraction from the core issues at hand, further derailing parliamentary functioning.

Derailing Parliamentary Functioning

  • Blame Game and Distractions: Both the government and parliamentary chairs blamed the Opposition for the session's disruptions, emphasizing the mimicry incident as a distraction.
  • Impact on Parliamentary Conduct: The focus on non-substantive matters overshadowed the need for substantive debates and discussions.
  • Questionable Opposition Strategy: The Opposition's emphasis on a security breach by misguided youths, while potentially valid, raised questions about the strategy's proportionality and its impact on parliamentary proceedings.
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