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Mains Current Affairs (International Relations)

India’s Patent regime

21st Jun, 2022


  • Definition of Patent
  • India’s Patent Law
  • Section 3 of the India’s Patent Act
  • Novartis v/s UOI judgment
  • Issues with India’s patent act
  • Parliamentary Committee on Patent
  • Way Forward


  • History of India-Thailand relations
    • Since 1947-1991
    • India the Post-Cold War Period
    • Cooperation between India and Thailand in 21st Century
  • What are the core areas of cooperation between India and Thailand?
  • Security Cooperation between the two countries in the 21st Century
    • Emerging India-Thailand Maritime Cooperation
    • Bilateral Military Exchange
    • India-Thailand Counter-terrorism mechanism
  • Growing Economic Engagement between India and Thailand
    • India-Thailand Economic Relations
    • Further of Economic Relations between the two countries
    • Connectivity Cooperation between India and Thailand

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