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US in Afghanistan

19th Jul, 2021

Former US President George W. Bush has labelled the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan "a mistake”, he told that he fears for the fate of women in Afghanistan after American and NATO troops leave the country.

The 1959 Antarctic Treaty celebrates its 60th anniversary.

At the CARBIS BAY, England, the US President Biden and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a new version of the 80-year-old “Atlantic Charter” recently, using their first meeting to redefine the Western alliance and accentuate what they said was a growing divide between battered democracies and their autocratic rivals, led by Russia and China.

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has been elected president of the 76th UNGA with an overwhelming majority. He received 143 votes out of 191 ballots cast, while Afghanistan’s former Foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul got 48 votes.

This year’s summit of the Group of Seven industrial countries hosted by the United Kingdom in the picturesque Cornwall region promises to be a definitive moment in the political evolution of the West.

The summit, which saw the digital participation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also marks an important step towards a new global compact between India and the West.

Recently, PM Modi’s visited to Bangladesh where the TeestaDispute was discussed during the talks between the leaders and he reiterated India’s sincere and continued efforts to conclude this agreement in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The violent clash between Israel and Hamas during May 10-21, 2021 has brought back the prolonged Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the forefront of complex issues afflicting West Asia.

The article talks about the Wolf Warrior diplomacy (Chinese assertive diplomacy) in the Indian Subcontinent.

Colonial Pipeline Company that transports about 45 per cent of all petrol and diesel to the east coast of the United States was forced to shut down operations due to a recent cyberattack.

Russia will launch its own space station in space by 2028 and has named it ROSS (Russian Orbital Service Station) which is seen as a new thread in technology lead space diplomacy countering International Space Station


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