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24th August 2022 (6 Topics)

NASA releases audio of sound of black hole


NASA has released a haunting audio clip of sound waves rippling out of a supermassive black hole, located 250 million light-years away.


  • The recording is created from the soundwaves of a black hole at the centre of Perseus galaxy cluster.
  • According to NASA, it is a common misconception that there is no sound in space.
  • Most of space is vaccum, so there is no way for sound waves to travel – but the Perseus galaxy cluster is surrounded by thick gases that rippled when the black hole sent out pressure waves.
  • In this sonification of Perseus, the sound waves astronomers previously identified were extracted and made audible for the first time.
  • The sound waves were extracted outward from the center.
  • The acoustic waves coming from it have been transposed up 57 and 58 octaves so they're audible to human hearing.


  • Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information.
  • It involves converting data into sound so that the relationships within the data can be perceived, explored and enjoyed with our exquisite auditory system.
  • In short, sonification is taking data and making it into sound.

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