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Prelims Current Affairs (Society)

The week-long Exhibition-cum-Fair “EKAM Fest” organized by National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC) under M/o Social Justice& Empowerment began.

In order to know the species’ ecology and develop an effective conservation plan, the Madhya Pradesh forest department has radio-tagged an Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) for the first time.

Between 1901 and 2019, 334 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 616 Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine, of which just 20 have been won by 19 women.

Some 24 countries apart from China have registered cases of the coronavirus, now officially named Covid-19. None of them is in Africa, despite the increasingly tight links between the two regions.

“Lassa fever”

17th Feb, 2020

The Nigerian Academy of Science has called for the current outbreak of Lassa fever in Africa’s most populous nation to be declared a national health emergency because of its severity.

The mild winters in the northern regions of the hemisphere which are particularly south of the Arctic circle have led to the decrease in the energy consumption by the people.

In a significant decision, the Tamil Nadu government has announced Cauvery delta region as Protected Special Agriculture Zone to prevent implementation of oil exploration projects in the state’s rice bowl.

India has proposed to include three species- the Indian elephant, the Great Indian Bustard and the Bengal Florican in the ‘Appendix I’ of the CMS Convention for ‘migratory species threatened with extinction’.

Kerala will impose a ban on the sale of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and incandescent (filament) bulbs starting November this year as part of sustainable energy policy.

A new study by the India Human Development Survey (IHDS) suggests consumption growth may have moderated in recent years but may not have declined.

The Union health ministry has launched ‘the Pulse Polio Programme’ campaign to check the disease that affects children at a young age. 

A report published by Oxfam, the international non-profit focussed on the alleviation of global poverty, underlined what has been said repeatedly by governments, research organisations and a range of multilateral bodies over the past decade or more  that economic inequality, “is out of control”, with extremes of wealth existing alongside great poverty.

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