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The real issue at COP27 is energy equity

  • Published
    5th Nov, 2022


In the upcoming COP27, questions like energy poverty and global inequalities in energy access need to be addressed in its discussions.

Global energy Inequality

  • Global energy poverty: The average per capita energy use of the richest 20 countries is 85 times higher than that of the 20 poorest countries.
  • Electricity & Human Development: Countries with higher per capita energy consumption results in lower infant and maternal mortality rates and higher per capita of GDP.
  • Soaring Energy Prices: Poor and vulnerable communities in the energy-importing countries of the global South suffer the most because of increased energy prices.

The hypocrisy of the global North

  • The inaction of Global North: In the US, 81% of primary energy comes from fossil fuels. For Europe, the same is around 76%. But the level of decarbonization in the global North has been minuscule.
  • Double Standards: Developed countries are estimated to increase their coal consumption, and on the contrary, they are banning the financing of fossil fuel projects in poor countries.
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